Permission regarding Stock and Commodities ...

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Permission regarding Stock and Commodities ...

Postby Emmanuel » 23 Jan 2013


I am looking for ways to pass good words about Multicharts , because it is really an excellent software.

I will develop new technical indicator in the next few weeks, like the ChartMill Value of the Stock and Commodities of January - February 2013.

I will share it on this discussion forum.

And I can read at the end of the magazine S&C a section "Trader Tips",
where traders can share their Code of the indicator (of article in the magazine).

I think it would be a good free advertising for Multicharts Corporation, if we post
some code in this section

Does Multicharts Corporation give permission to share our Code MC .NET, or power language code on a Magazine ?

What is allowed ? What is Not allowed ?


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Henry MultiСharts
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Re: Permission regarding Stock and Commodities ...

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 27 Mar 2013

Hello Emmanuel,

Your own code is your property. You are free to share it with the community the way you like to do it.

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