MC's capability to chart multiple data symbols (FXtick data)

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MC's capability to chart multiple data symbols (FXtick data)

Postby denizen2 » 24 Oct 2006

MC's unique capability to chart multiple data series and multiple-symbols, all with different compression or time-scale was very interesting for me today. Check out the attached (large) jpg file, and you will see Liquidity and Spreads for TDFX, FXCM, and COES data feeds, plus eSignal's composite of 200 or more banks/dealers. Bid and Ask ticks for each.

You can use the chart's own legend-title in each sub-chart to identify the tick mark's color for symbol, exchange, and Bid/Ask.

I'll leave the interpretation of the charts to another time, but I will note that the picture shown can change radically over the course of 24 hours. The relative frequency of ticks varies considerable between the data sources, depending on the Session or time of day. I noticed, for example that the FXCM has much more data ticks during the middle of the Asian session than at the very beggining, while the TDFX data feed seems to have fewer rather than less ticks compared to FXCM during some later times (not shown on this chart).

You will also note that TDFX has typically 1pip spread, while FXCM has 3pips, and COES has 2pips spreads. The composite of all of the eSignal data is more than 5pips (on this one EUR/DLR symbol), but you can also see a VERY large 'liquidity', but it is NOT tradable, since it can only be monitored, i.e., there is no one ECN that combines them all (yet) :roll:

This exercise showed me one potential plot problem: How to assure that all symbols on the same sub-chart have exactly the SAME scale? I used the 'Screen' option for each symbol's format-scale settings. But I am not convinced yet that setting will automatically compensate for different symbol's price ranges using smaller or larger portions of the screen.

Can someone (a developer?) assure us that both the scale size-length, and its end-points are exactly the same for all points plotted on the same sub-chart? :?:
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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 24 Oct 2006

Yes, this is definitely so, you may be assured that symbol scaling is identical.

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