Computer will hang everytime MC is launch  [SOLVED]

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Computer will hang everytime MC is launch  [SOLVED]

Postby J S » 13 Nov 2006

First time in the forum, with the aim of getting immediate response.

Since my last updated version of MCharts a few months ago, my computer would hang every time i launch MC and open a wkspace. I have to press the restart button. Without proper shutdown i know it's a matter of time my computer will breakdown. Sometimes my computer would just restart by itself in the middle of my trading. It's very scary when i am having a position.

Today after the restart, i found the studies has all disappeared from all my charts. I click on format studies, it's all empty. Plse advise, thanks.

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 14 Nov 2006

Please tell what version of MultiCharts you have, look up in the Help->About

It might be possible that a corrupted workspace causes this freezing. If
this always or almost always happens with a certain workspace - can you try
creating the same workspace again, with the same symbols and studies, saving
it under a different name and using it?

The problem with disappearing studies is caused by corrupted study data. I
guess the complete solution to your problems would be:

After rebooting the system:
Use the Control Panel->Add/Remove programs to uninstall the existing
Select to keep existing databases when prompted to keep or delete them.

After uninstall completes, delete all files from folders:
\Program Files\TS Support\MultiCharts
\Program Files\Common Files\TS Support \PLEditor

Then reinstall MultiCharts using the distributive from ... 4.1126.exe

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