Goodbye dear users and forum visitors

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Alex Kramer
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Goodbye dear users and forum visitors

Postby Alex Kramer » 30 Nov 2006

Dear users and forum visitors,

I must inform that I'm leaving the company, from now on the forum will be handled by others on the TS Support team.

Good luck and happy trading to everybody.

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Postby NEUTRINO » 30 Nov 2006

Thanks for all your work/support here !

wish you all the best in the future !


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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 30 Nov 2006

Thank you for all your hard work, enjoy your new job!

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Postby Chris » 30 Nov 2006

Good Bye Alex.

All the best for your future.


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Postby ax » 01 Dec 2006

Alex, thank for all you have done and good luck in your new ventures

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Postby Pipscalper » 01 Dec 2006

Wish you well in your new job and thanks for your much appreciated assistance to all us beta testers and MC users

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Postby traderstuff » 01 Dec 2006

Best of everything in all your endeavors.


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Postby miltonc4 » 01 Dec 2006

Hi Alex
I am very sorry to hear this news

You were always most helpful, very prompt in responding,always polite,
and never bothered about what must have been petty enquiries.

Good luck

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Postby denizen2 » 02 Dec 2006

I too wish you the best, and thank you very much for a job very well done.

I appreciated very much your careful and thoughful response to every inquiry, including my own.

Working on the 'front-lines' of the customer-service desk requires great skill, and a lot of patience, all of which you indeed demonstrated. Good luck in your new career opportunities.

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Postby damageboy » 03 Dec 2006

Good-bye Alex!
Thanks for all of the help, and good luck... :)

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Postby mm » 07 Dec 2006

Adios Alex. thanks for all your help. Blessings.

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Postby Arbitrageur » 07 Dec 2006

good luck, thanks for your support!

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Good luck!

Postby kh_model » 09 Dec 2006

Thank you, Alex, for answering many of my most challenging questions. Best wishes in all future endeavors.

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Postby AccuracySR » 11 Dec 2006

Sorry to see you go Alex!

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