Multicharts and direct cme data  [SOLVED]

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Multicharts and direct cme data  [SOLVED]

Postby guest » 10 Dec 2006

How well does multicharts work with the direct data feed from the cme. I know the cme does not provide streamed in historical data like TS and I would need a secondary data vendor.

Are there any time lags or charting lags when using a DDE link to get the data into Multicharts?

Is it fast enough for scalping using tick or volume charts?

Thank you in advance for your time in answering these questions.

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Postby Kate » 11 Dec 2006

You can receive the direct data from CME using DDE. As concerns time or charting lags, they are practically unnoticeable.

MultiCharts is fast enough for scalping using tick or volume charts.

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