IB issues, new user

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IB issues, new user

Postby rkd » 15 Dec 2006


I apologize in advance if these have been covered, but I am a little frustrated.

1) I am getting the following error when I am trying to connect my symbols inside my quote window.
' TWS message; id=4; errorCode=166; errorMsg=Historical Market Data Service error message; NO market data permissions for ARCA STK

TWS message; id=3; errorCode=354; errorMsg=Request market data is not subscribed: ErrorARCA/STK/Top/NMS

2) Assuming this can be resolved, is there a faster way to add symbols into the quote list? As of now, I have to bring up the dialog, choose data source, look up symbol, choose ARCA, etc and finally add it. Seems painful.

Hopefully this can be resolved so that I can continue playing around.

Btw, I am trying to do a real-time feed and not working offline, if that makes a diff.

thanks in advance!

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Postby Kate » 18 Dec 2006

As concerns your first question, please make sure that you have a subscription for this symbol and check if the symbol is displayed in TWS.

As to a faster way to add symbols into the quote list, could you describe how in your opinion this process can be simplified? Actually, it is really difficult to add an IB symbol without using Look up as you have to remember the correct names of all the symbols that you will use.

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