Not all reserve words recognized?

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Not all reserve words recognized?

Postby rhornung » 17 Dec 2006

I have a study which is using EntryPrice reserver word. This study will not compile because it is expecting something else? Here is the message from the PLE......

Compile with error(s)
Invalid number of parameter. 1 parameter(s) expected
errLine 33, err Column 34, errLineEnd 33, errColumnEnd 34

It then proceeds to highlight the E in EntryPrice reserve word.

There are no parameters required at this point.

What is happening?....any ideas?


Postby Victor » 17 Dec 2006

I agree with you. BarsSinceEntry and BarsSinceExit are not recognized as well. They promissed to release new beta version soon where those probelms are fixed. See subjec 'Global Variables'.


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Postby Kate » 18 Dec 2006

These reserved words you mentioned will be recognized in the new version.

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Postby rhornung » 18 Dec 2006

Thank you for the reply. I will be awaiting the new release. When is it due for releas?


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