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Postby Guest » 27 Apr 2006

Hi worx,

Exactly - we agree as you say " you need a fast scroll mechanism". The current one is not. Furthermore its is actually UNACEPTABLE on a Laptop, its one of the many annoying little things that is making me think MC may not be the way to go, I have to sit and use the UI everyday and I find bits (navigation zooming etc.) anoying.

The original poster proposed a faster mechanism of just clicking and draging anywhere on the chart to drag it around. If in drawing mode a single click and release draws a point. What could be simpler and faster than that? both operations acomplished with the mouse only.

Having used Ensign extensievely and most other charting packages for at least a week or two (some much longer) it is my opinion that it is the best there is for drawing visulisation and navigation. To model brand new software on software that was 'clunky' 10 years ago (Supercharts/TS2000i) seems to be an opportunity waiting to be missed.

When someone produces a package with great drawing tools visulisation UI AND solid scripting backtesting etc. they will have a massive hit however most companies completely negelect the former allowing Ensign to operate unchallenged not sure what there market share is but it is clearly significant possibly number one if you discount omega (now a broker) and esignal (data provider).


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Postby worx » 27 Apr 2006

Hi Guest,

I just want to make sure if you know that if you are not in trendline mode
that you can scroll charts with a mous click if you left click the mouse exaxtly over
a bar of the chart (or the chart) hold it and then move the mouse left or right.

As long as the trendline mode is not activated it would be comfortable to be able to move charts without the space-bar.


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Postby Alex Kramer » 03 May 2006

Dear Users,

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