Offline Use  [SOLVED]

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Offline Use

Postby Guest » 28 Dec 2006

I tried looking at charts when I was offline. When I first started up I checked the Offline option. However, I would not bring up a chart. Is there something else I should be doing other then the check offline on startup?

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Re: Offline Use  [SOLVED]

Postby Kate » 29 Dec 2006

When switching to Offline mode, you need either to reboot the computer, or restart MultiCharts making sure that all processes (MultiCharts.exe, MCActiveX.exe, MessageCenter.exe, QuoteManager.exe, StudyServer.exe, tsServer.exe) have terminated correctly. This is due to the fact that after the program is terminated, some processes may stay active and make changing the mode ineffective.

In the next versions after switching between the modes our users will need only to close and then re-open their charts.

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