Lost Data

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Lost Data

Postby flmaxey » 24 Jan 2007

Has anyone lost an interval of data, in one of their symbols?

I've been tracking the ES for years and it seems that MC mysteriously "dropped" day data between 10/1/2002 and 9/17/2006. Curiously, minute interval data for the same time frame is untouched.

The only thing I did, which seemed to proceed this event was, I hit "View" on the menu bar and "Reload", to refresh my ES chart.

I think I have a back up for this somewhere (just moved). If not,, that's a serious data "ouch".

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 25 Jan 2007


Could you tell me what is your data provider please? I have no problems with eSignal daily data for ES #F for 1997-2007 period. I tried to refresh and agign everyhting is okay.

Let me know more please.

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IB is my real time feed.

Postby flmaxey » 25 Jan 2007

I've been saving IB's real time data for years. When I went over to MC, I merged past data from TS into QuoteManager. Now, well...

I'm worried about this event. All other indications are normal, then View, Refresh, and the "poof", it was gone off the chart. When I looked into QuoteManager, it was gone out of the DB as well.

Of note is this has happened with all of my "One" futures (single stock futures) data. They did a major purge as well. I didn't pay any attention to that event because of their odd nature, thin trading, hours, etc. (I'm only "considering" trading them, after a lengthy observation period.) All 8 of them purged, again for some unknown reason, back to 11/20/06.

I do have an ASCII backup, thank God. After some more careful back ups and exports, I'll try to merge the backup.


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