New version release dates

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New version release dates

Postby Unregistered » 26 Jan 2007

TS Support,
Would you please cosider adding a section to your website, dedicated to target release dates for all newly announced software versions. Just make the release dates realistic and update them if the targets dates are missed.

I'm sure all would understand when the release dates slip, given the complexities of the software development and testing. But it I think it would go a long way in keeping your customers satified and more loyal.



Postby Friend » 26 Jan 2007

I agree with you entirely. The answer like "we will release new beta version as soon as finish testing" is not aceptable for the customers. We understand that you were planning to release new beta two weeks ago and we are sure that delays are inavitable due to complexity.

But, Please, update us on the date you are expecting to release new beta.
We understand that it may be delayed again,but, Please, keep us in the loop.

We are your friends!



Postby Guest » 26 Jan 2007

I have never seen so many eager beta testers.


Postby Chriss » 27 Jan 2007

Guys, guys relax ok ?

The new beta will be just as buggy as the previous one and a new one will again be under works. This is trial and error software development so please be patient!

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