ScreenSave freezes the latest Beta  [SOLVED]

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ScreenSave freezes the latest Beta

Postby Guest » 06 Feb 2007

I set my screensaver to the blank screen screensaver, thinking that it should take up little resources.

However the latest beta will freeze once the screensaver comes on.

Say you have Multicharts on.
Then you leave your desk, screen saver comes on for about an hour.
When you return, you will find that during the period, it has stopped receiving quotes from IB.

Why is this so ?


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Postby Kate » 06 Feb 2007

We tried to reproduce the situation but our screensavers don't influence MultiCharts work at all. However, if your screensaver turns off the power and your computer goes into the StandBy mode, MultiCharts can stop receiving data during this period. Thus, we recommend you not to use MultiCharts in the StandBy mode.

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