Reloading Charts and Data

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Reloading Charts and Data

Postby mustbecrap » 08 Feb 2007


yeap, I am after shit again... yes I know, I only post when I have a gripe or when I am trying to smurf stuff... but I am the best blugger I know...

my problem is this:

At times there seems to be a problem with some indicators showing incorrect crosses or updates. Its either a problem with the indicator itself, or data, or whatever. Its of no concern what is at fault. The indicators that I am really anal with exists on a separate chart that only looks for the most recent 300 candles so that when I periodically press Control-R to have it reload the data it is quick to collect, thus allowing me in about 5sec the ability to see what the true state of the indicator is. (note, in at least 70% of the time it was already correct).

Anyway.. Has anyone got some code, or something, an indicator or whatever that I can attach to the chart which, that will allow it to automatically reload at whatever interval I select.. It will then be one less thing I need to do before I pull the trigger....


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Postby Nick » 09 Feb 2007

I have noticed that even if you check 'load missing data' that it does not find obvious holes in the data (e.g. 5 minute chart with 3 days history missing all of yesterdays data). Once I am up and running I am usually fine if the missing data is at the end of what you do have it usually loads OK btw. Its actual 'holes' that are the problem.

This used to be a problem last 'big' beta upgrade. I though it was fixed a couple of betas ago. Can't be more specific, iI'm sure changelog's and audits will pin point it. The bug seems to be back.

I am using an IB feed. What about you Mustbe?

The feature you ask for is reasonable but it should be pretty un-neccasary unless you get a data feed outage in the day. Even then opening and shutting the workspace should fix that.

In short fix the algorithm that detects missing data before adding auto re-fresh. Cure the illness rather than provide a band aid!

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Postby miltonc4 » 09 Feb 2007

Seem to have a similiar problem with eSignal data
Noticed that when MCharts was shut down for a few minutes,then reloaded,the data collected started from the new start collect Time,and did not go back and fill from the shutdown to new start time
Data was being generated during this time as it was seen in another package for this missed period


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Postby mustbecrap » 09 Feb 2007

nick and mailtonc4,

I dont know if it is the data... I spent some time with them the guys at multicharts over the phone and over the net last night to see if the problem could be solved... But they could not solve the problem.

They logged in and after about an hour, the conclussion was that the data is fine the program is fine, the indicator is at fault.. However, its not just one indicator that it has happened to.. So this conlussion is not valid...

At any rate, although a function to reload the data/indicators its not something that should be neccessary, but it seems needed as the problem is unsolveable... At the moment I have a screen with these indicators duplicated on two charts so I can periodically press Control+R to update at regular intervals... So if an indicator or whatever can be attached to carry this out at intervals it would be of benefit

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Postby momentum » 10 Feb 2007

Mustbe, there are a number of utility programs that can remember key strokes. I'd suggest trying that as I don't think you can do it from inside an eld.

Look in


Postby Glen » 12 Feb 2007


as posted earlier, the problem lies with Win2003 server as i know u run. Mine is the same but changing to XP fixed the problem with the indicators not updateing


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