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Look inside bar

Postby username » 17 Feb 2007

I've tested Multicharts, and so far I think it's a very good platform.
The only thing which is mising, and it's very important to backtesting is the look-inside bar, otherwise the backtesting results will not be correct.
AS soon as you have that feature implemented i'll be your customer.
Is there any estimate on when this will happen?


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Postby Kate » 19 Feb 2007

We are planning to implement "look inside bar" this year, but since it is quite a complex feature we don't have any ETA yet.

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Postby pcavatore » 19 Feb 2007

Considering the high number for this request, can you put it on the top of the "wish list"?

Actually the backtestig facility is not reliable without this feature.


I agree

Postby guest99 » 19 Feb 2007

I agree with pcavatore, this should be on the top priority list of multicharts.
As soon as this has a estimated date time I'll be a multicharts customer.

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Inside Bar Order Generation

Postby widgetman » 26 Feb 2007

Hi Kate,
I was wondering how hard it would be to allow a order to be generated based on a tick resolution. I realize other computations may be tough on intrabar data, but looking at a tick count number and sending an order based on that tick count of the bar doesn't seem to difficult to me. The tick count is based on the chart time. I personally run a 34 tick chart among others. Maybe I am off base here, but for those of us who trade currencies we need fast response on signals since the currencies move fast. In the past I used CurrentAsk and CurrentBid to get a realtime price for a order generation. I was hoping the autotrading would support at least these functions to allow a order to be sent before the close of the bar. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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Postby Kate » 26 Feb 2007

As far as I understand you are talking about
IntraBarOrderGeneration Reserved Word
If you use this statement you can enter trade at any point of the last bar.
However MC doesn’t have this function yet. We will add it later. It is not related to look-inside bar feature.

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Postby pcavatore » 10 Jul 2007

any update on the look-inside-bar back-testing feature?


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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 11 Jul 2007

This feature is planned for the future. So far we have no ETA.

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