PL Editor: Re-opened files not displayed properly

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PL Editor: Re-opened files not displayed properly

Postby denizen2 » 18 Feb 2007

The Feb 2 beta of PL-Editor has a problem re-opening any files left open before the Editor program is exited (under some conditions). Specifically, the re-opened files are shown with the left-margin of code displaced so that you can not see it. This seems to occur however only if the MultiCharts program has been exited first, and then restarted. I.e., If the MC program is NOT exited, but the PL Editor is exited and then re-opened, then the re-displayed files are shown correctly.

It looks like the closing of the MultiChart program somehow effects the config-data used by the PL-Editor. I never observed this behavior with the previous beta of MC.

This new version still has some 'stability' issues that eventually progress to the point where the MC is hung up and must be forcefully 'terminated'. This is another issue for another post, but nevertheless, it might explain the reason for needing to forcefully terminate MC and then later I observe the problem just noted (with the re-opened PL-Editor files).

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Postby Kate » 19 Feb 2007

Dear Denizen2,

Please install MultiCharts 2.0.777.777 and if the problem with re-opened files recurs contact us via our live chat or call.

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