MC Stops Working On New Session

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MC Stops Working On New Session

Postby mojotrader » 01 Mar 2007

Every morning when the session starts at 8:30 MC hangs and does not update prices as the market moves. The attached pic illustrates the problem. The only workaround I've found is to restart MC, which of course takes 10 minutes since it has to backfill from IB.

Is this a known problem? Is there another workaround? Should I eliminate normal CME session times and go back to the 24hr template?

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Postby denizen2 » 02 Mar 2007

I don't know yet whether your issue of 'missing data', using IB data feed, is the same as I have been reporting lately in these forums [under topic "Data Management BUG? More Evidence"], but theres does seem to be some resemblence.

In my case (using eSignal and Forex data), I have a consistent problem with intraday data missing from the beginning of each day's 00:00:00. I can only correct the problem by exiting MC and relaunching everthing which takes a LOT of time! I notice too that if I leave it running conintuously for many days, then the missing data gap actually moves from a previous day to the most current day. The problem seems (for my case) to be most consistent when I have charts with BOTH tick-data AND inta-day time-interval bars being displayed. I am using only 24hr/6day type sessions (for FX), but the problem still looks similar to mine [missing data gaps at beginning of 'session'].

Are you using both tick and time-interval bars on same chart?

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Postby neurotrader » 02 Mar 2007

I have a similar problem but with IB data. I plot 15 min NQH7 and all is well during the trading day.

After the markets close I close down MC.

Next day when I restart MC and call for that NQH7 work space, begining of day market is missing. This happens everyday.

What I do is a "RELOAD" and all data is then uploaded. RELOADING takes time though.

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