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Why I won't change from TS8 to MC

Postby Guest » 09 Apr 2007

I have used SC, TS2000i, Wealthlab, and for the past 2 years TS8. I like Multichart's Easylanguage compatibility, IB autotrading, the genetic optimiser, and promised upcoming features like mulithreaded opts. With all these apps other than TS8, managing data was a daily grind that distracted from trading and system development. By the number of data related posts to this forum, it is obvious that MC users spend a lot of time getting 3rd party data working how they want it. In TS8, you don't have to think about it, it is sent from TS servers and is transparent to users. If MC wants to compete with TS, it needs an integrated data feed. Judging by the small size of some data providers, it should not be outside the bounds of possibility for TS Support. It would add real value to MC, therefore TSS could charge a premium for a version with data-integration.

The other thing detering me from using MC, is I had my fingers burnt with Wealthlab Developer. This was another small firm who developed excellent charting software with IB-integrated autotrading. I invested a lot of time in porting code into WL only for them to be bought out by a US broker (Fidelity) who removed the autotrading, and the development inevitably slowed, and I had to change charting software. I am concerned that unless TSS follows TS model of having its own brokerage, or tying itself to one that has no influence on the trading platform like TS's relationship with RJ O'Brien, it will suffer the same fate.

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Postby neurotrader » 09 Apr 2007

I have been trading for over 25 years now. In the past, I have tried omega products like SuperCharts RT and TS.

I have had MC for over a year now and I am very happy with the direction that MC is taking.

I publish a signal "maxprofitsignals" on a site and I must admit that MC has been a saver of time to publish and trade this signal.

I imported the System with few changes to the EL code and it works and executes like a charm.

I mention in an earlier post that one can still buy TS2000i here in CANADA for almost $3000 US with absolutely no support.

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Postby ABC » 09 Apr 2007


maybe you have noticed eXcap's postings in the TS Forums, where he shows in detail how many problems i.e. bad ticks the integrated data feed has. So relying on only one data feed might not be the best choice or show misleading results in backtesting.
The other problem that comes with bigger companies, like you have noticed with WL after Fidelity bought it, is that they tend to lose flexibility in developing new features. That's what I love about TS Support and MC - many features I am waiting for in TS are already implemented. And I bet there are more to come.

But I guess no one can promise that there won't be some company overtaking TS Support and integrating MC in there business model in the future(although I doubt that it will happen), but that stands for all independent companies.



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Postby mojotrader » 09 Apr 2007

The week before last I was on the verge of dropping Ensign Software completely for MultiCharts, until my subscription expired Friday evening, 1 day before the end of my subscription term. Saturday my credit card was charged for the next month and still was denied access to MC. Sunday came and went with no word from TS and I still couldn’t get into MC. Monday came and I was told to wait 3-4 hours for the person in charge of subscriptions to come in. Of course by that time it was 1PM ET and I couldn’t get hold of anyone at TS. Monday evening came and went w/o MC access. Tuesday morning I was finally able to use MC with just a simple sorry from TS.

Keep in mind my subscription should have expired Sat evening but they denied access Friday evening. They charged my CC Saturday but didn’t provide services until Tuesday. Thankfully I had Ensign as a backup and was able to continue w/o MC.

My problem with TS is the lack of importance in the continuity of subscription renewals. This delay in renewal happens every month but not as bad as the last. Everything is automated that takes my money but enabling MC access isn’t. I can’t depend on a charting service that fails to provide 24x7 availability. Had they come back with a big apology and sweetened the deal I might have considered staying with MC. My decision to continue with MC will be made at the end of this month before they “automatically” take my money again.

P.S. For those of you who think this board is “uncensored”, try reading my posts over the weekend that all of this happened. You can’t. They’ve been removed.


Postby Guest » 09 Apr 2007

is there any reason you do not want to buy MC outright?
Until a month ago it was only selling for $399.
I was even offered a 2nd copy discount of $320.
it is much cheaper than paying monthly.

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Postby mojotrader » 09 Apr 2007

Assuming you're referring to me regarding buying MC I typically don't buy until I've had a chance to use something for a while. Also, MC was in beta during my 30 eval so when it came time to commit I chose the subscription plan since I wasn't sure if the final version would be something I could use.

I'm extremely pleased with the package and was really let down with my subscription renewal fiasco. It's like going to one of your favorite restaurants and the waiters keep providing bad service. At some point I'll just stop going and move on. I like MC but I require 24x7 service, not when it's convenient for TS. My renewal problems really affected my plans to go full time with MC. I've put in a lot of effort porting my code and really like the way the entire package is shaping up but now I have to really reconsider. Going back to TS or eSignal (range charts in next release) is now on the table again.

I'm actually reluctant to purchase MC outright just because of past experiences with other companies. The subscription plan really is a win/win for TS and me. In the long run TS will make lots of $$ off me and I will have the option of bailing anytime, which is what I like. If I pay ~700 now will TS charge another ~700 for version 3.0? I will never purchase charting software again. I have many floppy disks with charting packages that I paid thousands for that are now useless. The companies either went out of business, sold, or completely changed their package requiring me to make another expensive purchase.

I've used Ensign for a long time but I don't like Howard's attitude regarding enhancements. Their UI technology is already way outdated and for a software company to tell someone that a common features will never be done is a cardinal sin. Howard is a smart guy but he's clueless when it comes to software development and usability.

TS doesn't have a lock on the market and there are many competing packages. TS is doing a great job on the software but I'm started to have a bad feeling about their service. I posed many questions in my posts that TS deleted, some of which dealt with subscription renewal issues. Their subscription service must continue to work for at least 10 days after subscription expiration in case their licensing servers are inaccessible, a disaster occurs which prevent licenses from being updated and a host of other reasons. I can't rely on manual subscription renewals, especially since it appears only one person at TS handles this process and he/she was either sick, out of town, or on vacation when my time was up. The support person I chatted with Monday morning (two wks ago) couldn't even enable my service. This is unacceptable and TS never responded to my concerns.

sry for the long post

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Postby ybfjax » 16 Apr 2007

...............I've used Ensign for a long time but I don't like Howard's attitude regarding enhancements. Their UI technology is already way outdated and for a software company to tell someone that a common features will never be done is a cardinal sin. Howard is a smart guy but he's clueless when it comes to software development and usability.............

That's that I heard from another user. He's very unflexible when it comes to adding new features. Their support is a bit snobby as well.

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