Does Multicharts support client server architecture ?  [SOLVED]

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Does Multicharts support client server architecture ?

Postby Guest » 25 Apr 2007


Does Multicharts support client server architecture for network use ?

Like one quotemanager as server and then maybe 4 clients depends on resources.

i have 13 membersof staff personnel and if i would switch to mc it should be possible to have client server architecture becuase of maintaining of data. so we could run 3 servers or less and connect all 13 clients to it.



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Postby denizen2 » 26 Apr 2007

I have the same question long ago, but the answer I got was something like 'no, not now'. But I am glad you are asking for this, because it would be VERY important to a lot of people. Especially anyone who needs to spread the computing-resource over several different computers. This is normally not an issue when using only very simple indicators, but many people will eventually find some very power-hungry functions that need to be computed, and doing this for many symbols (and many workspaces) at the same time.

I would also like to see a more 'data-centric' type architecture that is NOT dependent on maintaining a 'chart' to 'hold' certain calculated data-series. It would be real nice to have a client-server architecture that implements user-created global variables that can be accessed by any chart, on any machine on the local network. :roll: . But right now that is only a pipe-dream :cry: . Hopefully, when the current implementation is fully 'debugged' and 'stable' the MC software will be enhanced to this other c/s level. This is probably a HUGE s/w development effort that only the largest institutional clients would expect to be able to pay for, but we can dream. :wink:

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Postby Kate » 27 Apr 2007

Denizen, your idea certainly deserves consideration. But it's only in the future that it will be possible to bring it to life.

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