Cannot access the Warrant in IB

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Cannot access the Warrant in IB

Postby Guest » 08 May 2007

I'm using IB data source. I can't add the warrant symbols because there is no warrant type to choose from the Quote Manager. The same symbols can be use from TWS. How can I add the warrant to Quote Manager?

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Postby Kate » 10 May 2007

MultiCharts doesn't support warrants.

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Postby shcheuk » 25 Jun 2007

MultiCharts doesn't support warrants.
MutliChart support warrants with e-signal, However, For IB, Their API securtiy code format is: SYMBOL-EXCHANGE-TYPE


SYMBOL is the same as the symbol column as displayed in TWS while under symbol mode

EXCHANGE (optional) is the exchange in TWS while under symbol mode

TYPE (optional) is one the following:

STK - stocks, FUT - futures, FOP - options on futures, OPT - options, IND - indexes, CASH -cash (ideal FX) WAR- warrant

The data manager in MC allows us to choose all the TYPE in the menu except -WAR. and it do not allow us to type it mannully.

Warrants in most of the Asian country is very easy to support. unlike option and future, no special interface needed for a series of expiry month or strike price or else. Just treat it as a normal stock. what it need is just add three words "-WAR" at the back of the code that sent to IB and it is all done~!, IB will sent back the data just like other stocks. Just a minute of work, and it is so tiny that the time for typing this item in the timetable or to do list is already enough to fix it. It just like a typo-mistake, it just, missing a word in the drawdown menu and the corresponding code "-WAR" that sent to IB! Three letters only...

Please~! Please~! Please fix it!
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