Data Lag with multiple instances of MC open

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Data Lag with multiple instances of MC open

Postby ybfjax » 09 May 2007

I figured I'd break this off to a separate topic as it may affect other data feeds.

I have 4 instances of MC open simultaneously with the OEC feed. I've also noticed something else. I opened up my dom for my trading platform and realized that MC QMM7 and QGM7 were lagging about 5-10 seconds behind current prices.

Then I checked other symbols and realized that ALL the charts had this lag.

I started to close all the other instances of MC and it appears as if the lag reduced to very little. maybe about .5 second from the dom or none at all, which is a good thing :D

I guess the point is, if you have multiple instances of MC, it causes lag for the OEC datafeed. I have not looked at other datafeeds to see if this is the case also. Now that I am down to one instance of MC, the lag is not there. I will try opening all of my workspaces to see if it is a workspaces thing.

So now I must reorganize my charts so that they are all in one instance of MC, just stretched out over 4 monitors vs have a separate MC on each monitor. I will see how this works out.

Edit: after adding more charts, and then lining them up side-by-side with OEC charts, there is a lag. The OEC platform charts update with the OEC dom almost synchronically (exact same time). However, the last price for MC OEC feed may take 1-4 seconds to update on the MC chart. vs the OEC trader dom. In many cases, the MC chart doesn't even update period if there is a quick price change.

Edit again: This time I made sure I shut down MC completely. It appears as if there were still other MCs running even though I closed them. So I shut down ALL MC instances completely, and then restarted MC (1 instance).

Now my CPU usage is back to a respectable level. And data is syncronizing to what it should be.

I will open up more charts to ensure that other symbols are working properly.

I used FDAXM7 and ESM7 for comparison.

Any suggestions?

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