Just bought MC, but still missing some essentials

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Just bought MC, but still missing some essentials

Postby Januson » 15 May 2007

Well... my trial period proceeded smoothly. However I was forced to buy a datafeed from eSignal, because of DDE lack of history...
Well I'm glad now and are using Multicharts to manage my trades and WealtLab to scan day-to-day / swing opportunities

I know I've asked recently for a marketscanner, radarscreen etc. but could you folks at TS maybe reveal an estimated release date and eventually which features we should expect to see? :lol:

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Postby Kate » 16 May 2007

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you an estimated date when a MarketScanner will be available. As for the next version, we are planning to release it the next week and preparing a list of new features and bug fixes. You will be able to read about them in "What's new" section at MultiCharts page.

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