testing trial version: powerlanguage error  [SOLVED]

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testing trial version: powerlanguage error

Postby guest » 14 Jun 2007


i am testing the trial version of multicharts (version 2.1). why doesn't this code work? it works in easylanguage.

buy 1 contract at highest(high,5);
sell 1 contract at lowest(low,5);

when i compile, i get the following error:

identifier is not recognized
errLine1, errColumn 1, errLineEnd 1, errColumnEnd 15



Postby Guest » 14 Jun 2007

just want to add that i am using windows vista.

i also cannot add any signals. there is no error, but the strategy is not applied to the chart. nothing happens.

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Postby Kate » 14 Jun 2007

Please try to use this:
buy 1 contract next bar at highest(high,5) limit;
sell 1 contract next bar at lowest(low,5) stop;

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