Error log takes too long  [SOLVED]

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Error log takes too long

Postby Guest » 15 Jun 2007

my mc experienced some errors. an error message pops up and asks me to send the error log to you.

i did, but it takes forever, while my mc is hung there not loading, waiting for the error log to finish sending the files.

can you arrange so that the error logs are send in the background, while i can continue to work with mc ?

time is precious in this business.
not that i don't want to help you with my error logs, but it is holding up my work, and i cannot afford to sit here for half an hour while the ftp is working its way to you. i want you to have the error log, so that you can fix whatever bug you have in the mc program. i want mc to work. if my error log can help you to fix the errors, i want to be part of the help,becaue i want mc to work. i think it is quite easy to make the earror log to send in the background, while i continue to load mc and work with the charts. it just need some think through on your part.

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Postby Kate » 18 Jun 2007

We agree with you and will think how it can be done.

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