problem with tick colume with transact futures  [SOLVED]

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problem with tick colume with transact futures  [SOLVED]

Postby Guest » 20 Jun 2007

Ok, I will explain my problem. First, I would say that I have the same problem with owndata 2.5. I doesn't click to field the minutes and day data. Watch the big difference betwwen e-signal and transact platform. check the two file. Exemple at 14:30: 09 On e-signal you have the correct data 3 and 7 contract and on trasact future you have 3 time 10 contract . it' have to much tick in the data and I look at the time and sale on the platform and it 's 10 contract 1 time.

Can you can this the fast as possible! :)

er2 tick data e-signal.txt
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er2 tick data transact.txt
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