Possible Bugs in MC 2.1 beta (v. 2.1.909.909)

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Possible Bugs in MC 2.1 beta (v. 2.1.909.909)

Postby Panos » 18 Jul 2007

I have the following problems while running the latest beta of MC, using a feed from IB (normal trading account) to trade FOREX:

1. I use a 5 minute chart, which suddenly stops updating tick by tick. Sometimes it takes several restarts before tick by tick updating functions properly.

2. I had no problem opening or saving a workspace (even with the beta version). Now I can neither open a saved or even save a new workspace. I think that the problem appeared after I included an "MC" folder in "My Briefcase", so that I can open my workspaces either from My home PC or my notebook computer. I'm pretty sure that I managed to open in my notebook the workspace from "My Briefcase" at least once. Problem started after that. Now I have created a separate "MC" folder under "My Documents" in my notebook, but MC canot let me save a newly created workspace in the latter folder too. Even after deleting the "MC" folder from "My Briefcase", I tried to save under "My Documents\MC", and I still get the error message "Failed to Save Document". So, the problem may not be related to "My Briefcase". I have also disabled my anti-virus software just in case it was causing this, but the problem persists.

3. My last comment is not about a bug, just a feature enhancement: IB gives quotes for most Forex pairs using 5 decimal figures but MC displays only 4 decimals. It would be very useful to have the capability to display 5 decimals in the y axis.

By the way I'm running MC on an Windows XP computer.

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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 19 Jul 2007

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