Question. both adjusting and exporting bollinger band data.  [SOLVED]

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Question. both adjusting and exporting bollinger band data.  [SOLVED]

Postby Guest » 28 Jul 2007

Hi, I am looking to replace Qcharts with either MultiCharts or TS or the like. This is an email I send to the omega-list. I am asking the same question of MultiCharts. Can you give me some general indication of how this would be done. Thanks.

I am investigating switching from Qcharts to TS for my day trading. I am also investigating MultiCharts or any other program that can produce what I need. The Primary reason is to get an export of Bollinger band data out to a csv (comma Separated Value) or tab separated value file so I can pick the data up in MS-Access where I will organize it for my trading. Here is the problem. I always have the bollinger bands up for all chart sizes (1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, daily and even weekly). I adjust the (1,5,10, 15, 30 and even the 60 minute bands) often in both number of bars and deviation and I get critical visual information from the adjusted plots. I need to export the current band values out after these adjustments on either (an on demand basis using a custom button I click on a toolbar or a regular basis such as every 5 seconds). I don't need to append to this file, just recreate it every 5 seconds. I gather that to get this data out I need to have a multi-data chart set up with all these bands in it as well as the ones I am using visually. Here is the concern. If I adjust the bands on lets say the 10 minute chart, do I have to also adjust the band on the multi-data chart or is there a way to make this a one time adjustment not requiring double work on my part. I can't see there being much value if I have to do the adjustments twice every time. I was originally hoping I could write the TS code such that it could export this data by selecting the chart within the append command and also the data on that chart that I want. Having to set up a special chart seems cumbersome but if I can do the adjustment only one time, see it visually and get the export too (whatever the method) the mission is accomplished I guess.

Can TS easy language change the band values (bars and deviation) as well so I will see the revised plots. I have a use for this as well if it can do it.

I had TS4.0 a while back and it could ask for input. Has TS progressed to provide popup input boxes now with buttons, drop down boxes, etc or is it just a type in the input simple popup still. I am thinking that if a more complex input box can be created and TS can also adjust the bands I may be able to design a very fast method to make adjustments rather than rely on the more cumbersome methods that usually require my keying in an actual number. In other words if I could click a button to increment the bars by 1 rather than having to key in the number.



Postby Guest » 28 Jul 2007

if you have a logic for your adjustments (ie not discretional), then you can program MC to make the adjustments for you (no manual inputs needed), and MC will plot the adjusted lines on the chart in real time !!!

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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 29 Jul 2007

I've answered to your question here

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