Possible Customer. Demo Question? Summer Holidays?

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Possible Customer. Demo Question? Summer Holidays?

Postby bowlesj3 » 01 Aug 2007


Maybe it is summer holidays and questions don't get answered too quick. I am not sure if this is the proper place to ask this type of question since it is more of a question for the sales depart. Here goes.

I am starting to lean toward MultiCharts rather than TS but not for sure yet until certain questions are answered. However is the demo a full demo (trial offer) where I could during the month actually get my brokers data feed (interactive brokers) to actually work with MultiCharts. What happens if I hit a road block and decide on TS instead? How flexible are you guys. Being a former programmer of a good 25+ years experience I figure I can learn your product on my own. However sometimes a very difficult one shows up. If this happens, can I switch to the more expensive full support payment for a while? If this is possible, how would this work? I am still poking around your web site bit by bit and
I am sure I will have lots of questions coming.

Regarding the main technical question I have, I think I am getting better at describing what I am looking for without being quite as long winded. It takes practice. Here is a more condensed version. The biggest key factor in making my decision between TS and MultiCharts is related to my prior questions regarding ability to transfer current tick data back and forth between the charting program and MS-Access (including bollinger band data and RSI data) and the ability to adjust bollinger bands quickly in one place only while at the same time picking up these adjustment values in MS-Access in combination with my visual reading of the new plots in the charts in the Charting program. If the adjustment of the bands is cumbersum as it is in Qcharts I could design a screen in MS-Access to make it super fast with nice button clicks to speed it up but how fast can this get back into MultiCharts and be redrawn. Can these nice dialog boxes and forms be created in MultiCharts at least a little bit like they can be in MS-Access?

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 01 Aug 2007


Here are the answers to your questions.

1) Yes, MC demo version is fully functional so you will be able to work with your data provider

2) As for the supported and unsupported versions, if you think there might be problems it would be easier to purchase the supported one. However, switching from unsupported to supported version would also be possible and you would have to pay the difference.

3) As for the rest of the questions, the MC's platform is very flexible and allows realization of the tasks you mentioned. There are a number of tools enabling you to tailor the program to your needs.
So yes, in principle you will be able to do everything you described. However, it is not in tech support's competence to provide any detailed information on those issues - it is the domain of custom programming and consulting services. What I can say, though, is that if I'm not mistaken you could use ADE or Global Variables to solve the tasks above. You could also check the following pages and see if those files would be of any use:


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