ipmporting ascii data overwrites not appends

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ipmporting ascii data overwrites not appends

Postby Kaos » 03 Aug 2007

Hi All,

I have intraday data on NWS (in Australia) from eSignal.
It plots ok through multicharts using local time settings (10am to 4pm).

I have ascii intraday data of NWS (that trades in US) in ascii in local time not exchange time - from about 11pm to 7am.

In quotemanager, I click on my Australian NWS and import ascii data from overseas NWS.

This is to give me a pretend 24 hour chart of NWS

The problem is all my intraday Australian data is overwritten with the imported overseas intraday data.

How can I get quotemanager to append the new imported data to the collected esignal data?


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 03 Aug 2007

Hello Paul,

ASCII import inserts data and not just appends them. It means that the already existing data gets overwritten with the data from an imported ASCII file for the positions with the same time stamp.

In your case, if the Australian data got overwritten with the overseas data there might have been time overlapping. Try playing with time settings some more. If it doesn't help we'll try to fix the problem remotely via HelpDesk.

Just contact us through LiveChat, remind us briefly what your problem is and you'll be prompted to launch HelpDesk.

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