Time of sessions problem  [SOLVED]

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Time of sessions problem

Postby epepping » 06 Aug 2007

I have serious problems with with time and sessions. Often the session somehow get reset. The session is displayed till 20:00 while the session runs to 10. All i can do is delete the chart and build it up again. in that case i run often in other problems. Yesterday is then always displayed till 20:00, while other days are displayed correctly. See bitmap. I would realy like to contact helpdesk on this fenomenon.

I have attached a bitmap that displays the problem. All days till 22:00 , except yesterday displaying till 20:00
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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 06 Aug 2007


We have tried to reproduce the problem you're describing but all the sessions worked the way they should.

Could you, please, contact us through HelpDesk?


Sessions  [SOLVED]

Postby epepping » 06 Aug 2007

I have done a repair from the setup, and removed my workspaces and charts.
Now it is working again, Alothugh it allready happened several times now.
Often i have two charts open. Both have different session times (dow jones industrial and Dax futures).

I will keep track of this and contact the helpdesk next time. (i had to go move on)

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