Simple yes or no good enough. Variation on same purpose.

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Simple yes or no good enough. Variation on same purpose.

Postby bowlesj3 » 08 Aug 2007

Before I got the idea for MS-Access I wanted to put text representations of all the bollinger bands values onto the 1 minute bar chart out front of price. To make it as clear as mud, if the 15 minute chart had the upper band at 1645.25 it would put "-U15" at exactly that price on the 1 minute bar chart. Well I think I may have figure out a better way to do it than using a multidata chart and it will (IF IT WORKS) save me having to adjust the bands outside the normal place one would do it.

1/ Create global variables for every item I could potentially want to put on the 1 minute bar chart.
2/ Put in inputs so I can be selective. I don't want to see all of them all the time. So if I want to see the Upper 15 band I flick it on.
3/ Where I put the print statement in the bollinger band script I also put an update to the global variable and to a flag that says include it or not.
4/ In the 1 minute bar chart I inspect the flag and if it is yes then I put the "-U15" out where the value is that has been passed via the global variable. I place it a specific distance out in front of price.

It gives me a central visual while the MS-Access give me the calcs. MS-Access also has the on or off parameter.

Will this work? Yes or No?


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