Autotrading with IB with TWS disconnects  [SOLVED]

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Autotrading with IB with TWS disconnects

Postby Guest » 16 Aug 2007

How does MC autotrade react when TWS loses internet connection or loses connection to IB server?

Does it recover itself ?
Can i set it such that once connection is lost for say X seconds to stop autotrading for the day ?




Postby Guest » 20 Aug 2007

Since there is no reply from MC, what about the rest of the guys who use MC to autotrade with IB ?

What happends when there are connection issues with IB servers like Internet down , intermittent loss of connections ?

Will MC stop autotrading or will it continue ?


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 21 Aug 2007


When TWS doesn not have either internet connection or connection to the IB server MultiCharts keeps generating orders and trying to submit them.

Every time an order is generated MultiCharts tries to recover connection to submit it. If there is still no connection the orders are never submitted. Once the connection is re-established the new orders are sent.

Currently, MultiCharts does not have a functionality to stop autotrading for the day after a certain time with no connection has elapsed.

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