Trend Lines

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Trend Lines

Postby aja » 29 Aug 2007

Is it possible that trendline drawn on e.g. weekly chart window to also show up in daily or intraday chart, dislpay same trendline in all time frames? Thank you.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 04 Sep 2007

When you plot a trendline and then switch between
the resolutions and go from daily to weekly to monthly resolution the
trendline touches the same points in all of these resolutions. However, when you move from month down to week and day the trendline does not touch the same points on the chart.

Such behaviour is logical, though. The trendline has absolute
coordinates, so its position does not change, while the chart looks

We compared trendlines in MultiCharts with trendlines in TS and
their behaviour turned out to be identical in both programs.

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