500 ticks bar does not have 500 ticks? Even worse, not synch

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500 ticks bar does not have 500 ticks? Even worse, not synch

Postby 2haerim » 05 Sep 2007

I've tested with the following indicator code for 1 tick and 500 ticks symbols on one chart.

Vars: Length(5);
Vars: TRIXMA1(0),TRIXMA2(0),TRIXMA3(0);
Vars: TRIXRaw(0);
Vars: BarCounter(0);
If Date <> Date[1] then


If BarCounter=500 Then BarCounter=0;

TRIXMA1 = Average( Log( close of Data2 ), Length ) of Data2;
TRIXMA2 = Average( TRIXMA1, Length ) of Data2;
TRIXMA3 = AVerage( TRIXMA2, Length ) of Data2;
TRIXRaw = XAverage( XAverage( XAverage( Log( close of data2 ) of data2, Length ) of data2 , Length ) of data2 , Length ) of data2 ;

{If Time= Time of data2 Then}
print(Time_s, date:10:0, time:10:2 , close of data1:10:2, close of data2:10:2, BarCounter:10:0, TRIX(close of data2,5) of data2 ) ;

The output is attached. Please look at the lines with "=>" marks. Those lines are supposed to be shown every 500 ticks, but they are shown irregularly.

500 ticks bar should have 500 ticks for each bar, I think.

Check this please.

Another thing is that there is synchroniztion problem too.

See the attached png file.

You will see a 500 ticks bar between 09:07:49 and 09:07:52, but no 10 ticks bar on that time.
500 is multiples of 10, so whenever there is 500 ticks bar, there should be also 10 ticks bar.

See the attached picture.

Having tick and other resolution symbols together in one chart is a BIG advantage over TS2ki, but then the tick chart SHOULD have the correct # of ticks and more importantly SHOULD synchronize with other intrabar symbols.

Please check these problems are fixed. I had this problem with previous versions, but I haven't tested it on the new beta yet. I will check it tonight and if they were fixed, I will delete this post myself.

=> I've checked these problems with 976.1109 and they still exist as before. Please correct this serious bugs.

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