DLL to control an IB adjustable trailing bracket order.

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DLL to control an IB adjustable trailing bracket order.

Postby bowlesj3 » 06 Sep 2007


I sent this to EliteTrader autotrading (partly so I can get my 30 posts in to vote for MultiCharts) but I thought it would be good to repeat in this forum.

Can anyone let me know if there is any DLL software out there that can do what I have in mind here.

The software would be sending order information to IB (Interactive Brokers) from either MultiCharts EL code or from MS-Access VBA code via DLL calls.

1/ Send an order down to IB that will create a full adjustable trailing stop bracket order on their system. MS-Access will feed the parameters for the bracket. It would be adjustable trailing stop just in case my computers go down. I am assuming that IB's TWS would show the order once it is out there.

2/ Send adjustments to the target and trail portion of that bracket most likely from MultiCharts EL code but if that is not possible it can be from MS-Access VBA code which is picking up parameters from MultiCharts via global variables. Again I am assuming that IB's TWS would be immediately reflecting the adjustments.

Thats it! Clear as mud.


P.S. Looks like things are moving quickly with MC. I just put an (after the trading day) reminder in MS-Outlook to read this forum and keep up with MultiCharts developement work. New Habit to establish.

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