How to export charted indicators to ascii file?

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How to export charted indicators to ascii file?

Postby denizen2 » 07 Sep 2007

I want to export some or all of the indicators on a chart to an ascii file. I have the latest beta version, but I can not find any chart exporting functionality. Am I missing something? Did we use to have a chart-data-export feature?

In any case, it would be of tremendous value to me if that feature were implemented in MC. Ideally, would like to be able to 'define' , for EACH indicator, exactly which data values to 'enable' for ascii export, AND to be able to define the text formating attributes, for each such data series.

There are some plot-indicator lines that are just constants, e.g., zero, +1, -1, etc., and do not want to clutter the export file with this stuff. Some data-series might need 4 decimal precision, and some only 2, and some maybe 8 digits. The indicator's separately plotted lines, usually already have a 'label' defined in the indicators code, so that same text should be used as the field header text in the exported file.

There should be some chart-wide property setting that controls WHEN data export should occur, e.g., No export, or Start export, and when to Stop, e.g., all of the current history up to last bar, and/or continue to update the file on every bar update in real-time. Some file name and extension should be user-controlled, as well as the file location. The price/volume/bid/ask and intra-day, and/or daily time-data fields should be easily selected, AND format defined (or selected), and then this data would, of course, preceed any indicator-field enabled (in the indicator's properties), when written to the external file. Would be really nice too if any manually/auto drawn-lines could ALSO be exported, just as the normal-indicator lines are exported.

Even more advanced and useful would be the ability to export this same indicator data in an XLS format, as well as a few common SQL database formats.

My intended purpose of such an chart-data-export feature would be to feed this data eventually into an external neural network application, after which I would be looking at how to feedback any trade-signal-indicator back into the same (or different?) chart, in real-time.

This 'feature' doesn't sound to be very complex to implement, but sure would be a VERY strong enhancement as a way to integrate MC with other special applications.

Any chance you guys are already planning on such an export/import feature? Any other users have suggestions related to the same kind of facility?

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Postby Marina Pashkova » 10 Sep 2007


At the moment, you can export the indicators on chart with the help of the PRINT command. You need to write a code enumerating the fields you want to be exported.

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