PLEditor still has a 'bad habit'

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PLEditor still has a 'bad habit'

Postby denizen2 » 09 Sep 2007

The PLEditor still has the 'bad habit' of not correctly aligning the left margin of all code text in this special case (that you can probably recreate yourself, by following these steps):

(1) Open the PLEditor, from the Window Task Bar, NOT INSIDE the MultiCharts app. Maybe, using the inside MC's window will do the same thing, I didn't check. But I am giving you what steps I use to consistently show the problem :? .

(2) Open any existing PLEditor code file(s), or maybe several files?

(3) Exit the PLEditor without closing those previously opened files.

(4) Close MultiChart application. (and IF you want, even reBoot computer, get same result :roll: ).

(5) Now Reopen MultiCharts application.

(5)Reopen the PLEditor, from the WINDOWS task bar, just as done originally.

(6) :x Now you will see a PLEditor window, probably showing the tab(s) of any previously opened files, BUT maybe you see only a minimized-collapsed-pane-window type icon in the PLEditor's main window. If you expand that minimized window, OR click on the tab of any existing files, THEN you should probably see the file SHIFTED TO THE LEFT, about the same amount as a Tab?

BTW: This same problem has existed in previous versions, long ago, and I thought was one time fixed.... but now it is back... what happened? It is very much a nuisance, and the 'bug' should be 'squashed' (again?)? :D

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Turn off Gutter and on again for temporary workaround

Postby 2haerim » 09 Sep 2007

I sometimes experience the same bug, but I didn't know how to reproduce it. Unfortunately I couldn't repeat the bug following your procedure. Maybe you need refine the procedure more clearly.

Anyway, when that "shift to the left" happened, I had to turn off the Gutter option and turn on again to make PLEditor correctly display the shifted text.

Maybe this temporary workaround will work for you.

Eventually, TSS should fix it.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 10 Sep 2007

There used to be a number of scenarios where the 'shifting' problem manifested itself. Most of them - but not all - have been fixed in the latest 2.1.976.1109 beta. Future MC versions should have all of those cases fixed.

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