Best way to create stock/etf watchlists in MC

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Best way to create stock/etf watchlists in MC

Postby futurestrader019 » 12 Sep 2007

I am thinking about getting end of day stock, etf, and futures data from eSignal (which is a good price by the way). Now I am debating about just using the eSignal software over MC b/c the EOD eSignal package includes their advanced charting functions, which include easy to build watch lists and a portfolio management software (track current positions, entry prices, etc.).

Does MC have an EASY way to create and track watchlists of many different stocks and etf's? Is there an easy way to watch 50 stocks w/o having to create a separate workspace per stock?

I have not used MC for stock charting before, but I'd prefer to use it since I use it for futures trading. But I also need an easy platform as well since there could be hundreds of stocks and etf's to watch.

I'm just looking for ideas, so if anyone has any suggestions on how they use it for stock/etf monitoring, please share!


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Postby Marina Pashkova » 12 Sep 2007


At the moment, watchlists are not supported in MultiCharts. We are going to add RadarScreen mimick feature in the future MC versions (next year).

As for choosing between eSignal and MultiCharts it would be best to have both because they are complementary in their functions and features. While eSignal has the watchlist functionality, MultiCharts offers powerful tools for analysis and backtesting.

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