Version 2.1 of MultiCharts released

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Version 2.1 of MultiCharts released

Postby Stanley Miller » 19 Sep 2007

Dear Users,

Version 2.1 of MultiCharts has been released.


It contains a number of new features and improvements:


Strategy Back-testing and Automation
• Support of multi-core machines for optimization added. Each additional core will be utilized at about 80%. For instance, if you have 4 cores optimization speed will increase 3.5 x. This advantage has been confirmed by Intel independent tests.
• Optimization speed on a single core has increased several times (depending on a particular strategy). Tests have shown that MultiCharts by far outperforms all the known trading platforms
• Most of the reserved words necessary for back-testing have been realized
• Expanded Strategy Properties
• Optimization criterion can be selected in GA Properties tab

General Improvements
• Microsoft Windows Vista 32 & 64 compatibility

• Considerable increase in indicator and signal calculation speed. Tests have shown that MultiCharts by far outperforms all the known trading platforms.
• Increased reliability and speed of charting
• Increased speed of data loading
• Improved performance and reliability of TraderLogic indicators
• Alert windows style has been changed. It is now possible to display one alert window over the other at the same time
• A new message has been added warning that there is not enough memory when too many bars/charts are plotted
• Added Fibonacci Price Extension Lines drawing tool
• Improved width parameter increment step for all the lines in a chart
• No rounded tips for vertical bars and histograms
• The cursor has become more precise when pointing to drawing tools
• The option to turn off the hint for drawing tools has been added
• Transparent hint window added
• Improved drawing tools

Data Feeds and Data Management
• Open E Cry data feed added
• Improved speed of Interactive Brokers data feed
• Improved speed of QuoteManager start
• Updated IQFeed data feed. Symbol list can now be received from the provider
• Google data feed in Free Quotes added
• Zero ticks from OpenTick data feed are now filtered out

Programming Language/Script Editor
• Improved PowerLanguage Editor functionality and reliability
• Considerable number of reserved words added

Graphical user interface
• "Don't ask me to confirm on close of the window" option has been added

• The application crashes when pre-built workspaces are opened
• Default settings do not change when switching from Basic to Incremental GA
• If the number of GA optimization simulations equals 2 it leads to 100%CPU load and the Estimated time equals 00:00:00
• Application crashes when compiling a signal with the "Order Name" longer than 21 characters
• Min Movement is not factored in when strategies are calculated
• Application crashes when compiling a signal containing "buy this bar at high"
• Application crashes when compiling a signal containing "buy this bar at time_s"
• Enormous number of contracts and the Strategy Report deadlock
• Incompatibility with OutPost Firewall Pro
• Wrong timestamp for daily bars in Interactive Brokers Data source
• Inserting Japanese characters onto the Japanese Windows XP causes an error
• Errors when recompiling signals with the List of Trades tab open in the Strategy Report
• Errors when quotes are updated with the List of Trades tab open in the Strategy Report
• "Unspecified error" when applying an indicator containing an input with a dot in the function name
• Optimization of more than 18 inputs is impossible
• Charting: Error when selecting the type of the optimization algorithm
• Once the Genetic optimization is launched the subsequent Exhaustive Search optimization setting is ignored. The next optimization will be GA
• Junk pasted from Clipboard into PLEditor
• When indicators are recompiled their plot styles are not changed
• Data export does not work for non-English operation systems
• Calculation error for strategies using Date next bar, Time next bar

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