edited bad tick still appearing

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edited bad tick still appearing

Postby jl12 » 19 Sep 2007

Is there a reason why an edited bad tick is still appearing after refreshing the charts

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 20 Sep 2007


When you edit data, the following is recommended:

1) Clear cache. To do that go to QuoteManager-> Edit -> Clear Cache
2) Close MultiCharts, wait for about 30 seconds and run it again.

The reason for the above is that certain resolutions are saved in cache (to speed up plotting these resolutions again). Even when you edit the data that is stored in the database, the old data can be still there in the cache and taken from there (not from the database) to plot a chart.

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Why close MC and even why wait 30 seconds or so?

Postby 2haerim » 20 Sep 2007

Cleearing cache itself and then editiing some data in QM's Edit Data window is NOT enough?

Why do we need to close MC after clearing cache and run again? We would want to edit data and see the effect right on the chart w/o closing MC. Are you sure we have to close MC and run again to make our data editing take effect?

And even we need to wait 30 seconds or so after closing MC? To wait for all the processes to be terminated?

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