Data Loss

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Data Loss

Postby flmaxey » 03 Oct 2007

I've lost historical data, after upgrading to the latest version of MC. (Ver 2.1.999.999)

When changing a symbol (using edit symbol) from a soon to expire contract to the leading contract (thereby saving the expiring symbols data as history data for the new leading contract) I lost large chunks of historical data.

For example, I had years of ES and ZB data collected. Now the oldest "daily" data I have for the ES is back to 6/19/2007 and ZB only goes back to 9/25/2007. Curiously, I have minute data back to 2005 for the ES and ZB minute data to 10/13/2006.

Trying to restore from backup database files didn't help either. The first time the old databases were run in the new version of MC, the "appending" of daily data occurred.

Gentlemen, these database issues are getting old. If this was the first loss of data, I wouldn't mind. But the exact same type of behavior, where older historical data is summarily deleted, is starting again. (I had a similar experience when MC was relatively new)

Perhapes MC should provide several levels of backup (several copies of the database files) and have some semi-automated symbol data merge functions built in. Note that hard disk space is not an issue in the modern times.

Perhaps MC should have the ability to merge historical data from Opentick, overwriting existing data, "if" data is (we'll say) more than 15 days old. (Further, allow the user to specify how far back they want to go.)

In any case; I'm getting seriously tired of assembling old contract data to be able to look at symbol histories in MC. Database maintenance utilities and / or layered backup utilities? There's got to be a better way.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 04 Oct 2007


So far we haven't had any data loss complaints associated with MC 999.

Overall, we have had only a couple of cases of data loss - all of them (if I'm not mistaken) reported by you. Which means that the situation you are describing is highly unusual.

If you contacted us via LiveChat we could have a look at the problem via HelpDesk and find out what might have gone wrong.


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