Loss of 5 months data after CTRL R

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Loss of 5 months data after CTRL R

Postby khho » 20 Oct 2007

I am using IB feed and TWS 877 version. Initially, day bar was not updating. After downloaded the new dll file into the Data source folder. Day bar started updating but left behind a gap of unfilled past day bar. After CTLR R, the latest day bar resumed but my 5-months day bar had disappeared left behind only the latest 3 month data on the chart. How can I recovered the loss data?

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 22 Oct 2007


The data should be still there in the database. It simply hasn't been plotted on the chart. This is the bug we are going to fix shortly.

For now, whenever you run into this problem close MultiCharts and then run the program again. After restarting MC all the old data should be plotted.

A tip. To check if you still have the data for a given period, go to QuoteManager, right-click the symbol, choose Edit Data. In edit data select the resolution and click Load. This will show you the data that you've got for a particular symbol.


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