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MidPoint Study

Postby ABC » 27 Nov 2007

The following study tracks the High and Low of the current day and calculates the MidPoint ((High/Low)/2) as well as the MidPoint between the High and the MidPoint and the Low and the MidPoint.
You have the choice to use Trendlines instead of Plots to overcame the scaling problems.

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Description of Inputs:
UseTime: False = StartTime and EndTime will have no effect and the High and Low will be tracked for the complete day. If true, High and Low will be tracked according to the StartTime/EndTime settings only.


The study changes the color of the TrendLines/Plots according to the position of the close compared to the TrendLine/Plot.
UpColor: is used if Close > TrendLine
DnColor: Close < TrendLine
MatchColor: Close = TrendLine

UseTrendLines: True will use TrendLines instead of Plots and false vice versa

PlotSize: The size of the TrendLines/Plots

Round2Tick: Study will round the MidPoints to the nearest tick if this input is true. If false the study will not round the MidPoints.
So besides this the study also is an example for how you can use trendlines for something you would normally do with plots and to compare the difference in their affect on scaling.

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