Multi symbol strategy?  [SOLVED]

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Multi symbol strategy?

Postby Phonix88 » 18 Sep 2013

Hi I would ask one other information,
If I have chart with attached a second symbol, with BarsOfData if easy to access at his data. But if I wanted to make orders also in this second symbol, how I can do this?
About this argument I have only found this code example ... 20&t=10730
But it teach to operate across different broker, not linking the orders at the symbols inserted on the charts.

Thanks a lot

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Henry MultiСharts
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Re: Multi symbol strategy?  [SOLVED]

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 20 Sep 2013

Hello Phonix88,

In MultiCharts .Net there are two approaches for order generation: managed and umanaged orders.

Managed orders are monitored by the strategy. Strategy can be trading only one instrument that is the main data series of your chart. The orders are valid at broker while they are sent by the strategy. That means the conditions for order generation should be met in your code on each bar close or each tick (if IOG=ON) calculation while you need to keep your orders active. If you want to modify an order - just change the parameter you need (price or quantity) and the order will be modified or cancelled and resubmitted (depends on broker). Here is an example how to modify the amount of contracts for the order. If you want to cancel the order-stop sending it from the code (make the conditions for order generation invalid).

With unmanaged orders you can trade on multiple symbols through different broker plugins directly from one script. The symbols don't need to be on the chart, but you are responsible for managing your orders if you are using this approach. Here is an example of how to use the TradeManager. Another example - Trading from MultiCahrts Relatime Market Scanner.
For more information please refer to .Net programming guide: Extended Trading Possibilities. TradeManager:1, 2, 3, 4.

That means in your situation you need to make use of BarsOfData to access data series2 for calculation, then use TradeManager and unmanaged orders for trading the data2 instrument.

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Re: Multi symbol strategy?

Postby Phonix88 » 23 Sep 2013

Your reply is complete and exhaustive. Thanks a lot.

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