Multiple TP/SL orders

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Multiple TP/SL orders

Postby Bugs » 29 Oct 2013

Hello Support,

I am working on project in which I come across case when we have multiple TP/SL order. As far as I know in MultiCharts order active time is one bar and we are required to send TP/SL order on each bar. My question is does MultiCharts place same OCO group for all of the TP/SL orders send on a bar ? How Multicharts handle and place OCO group to order ?

For example
If we have TP1/SL1 orders against order 1 and TP2/SL2 against order 2. Will MC be placing same OCO to all of these TP/SL order? And if TP1 gets filled then will the TP2/SL2 be canceled making my position 0 or only half of the position will be closed?


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Re: Multiple TP/SL orders

Postby Andrew MultiCharts » 30 Oct 2013

Hello Bugs,

In current version of MC (8.8 ) all orders generated at the same script calculation are sent in 1 OCO group. In your example all 4 orders (TP1/SL1 and TP2/SL2) are sent in 1 OCO group.

In a future version of MC there will be a new auto-trading and backtesting engine implemented that will allow you to control OCO group generation.

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