Woodies Indicators

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Woodies Indicators

Postby valabhi » 12 Jan 2008

Hi Marina;
Is it possible to include woodies cci indicators as available on PFG Best Navigator software?

MC can do same indicator partially, i.e. MC does not able to plot prices in numbers or i do not know how to write. There are many present customers who would like these indicators.
thanks valabhi

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 14 Jan 2008

Hello valbhi,

I would suggest asking other users if they have Woodie indicators they could share. Unfortunately, there isn't much more we can do about it.

Best regards.

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Postby momentum » 17 Jan 2008

You can also just import the TS version from woodies forum. there atre heaps in the TS section


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Postby Januson » 21 Jan 2008

I've different versions of Woodies, PM me if you're interested.

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Postby Darkomage » 18 May 2009

Hi people,

here's one of woodie's template for your charts.
In fact, I used one custom indicator to reproduce the one that's explained in a document called "Woodies CCI basic patterns and terminology". This document is available for free at Woodie's Club, www.woodiescciclub.com/
(Moderators, if I'm not allowed to post address to other websites, please, forgive me and remove this... But since it's providing free legal teaching material, I believe it can be usefull to other users here, without copyright or commercial problems)

Basically, it'll draw the set of indicators described in the document, and I've been able to trade with it quite successfully on Forex.

I hope it'll be usefull to all of you !
I enclosed comments in the code, so that you might change things while knowing what the code does. I wrote this code personnaly, feel free to use and distribute !

Finally, I attach the exported version of the code, so that you get my graphic settings without having to bother setting them after typing the code yourself (zipped for file attachement compliance, no password).

Code: Select all

// Woodie's CCI Indicators v1.0 - Code by Darkomage (may 18, 2009), according to woodie's work
// "Woodies CCI basic patterns and terminology", available for free at Woodie's Club Website
// (at the date I made this code, at least)

Inputs: CCI_Length(14), TCCI_Length(6) , LSMA_Length(25); //Default values according to Woodie
Variables: trend(0); //This flag helps identifying a new trend beginning

value1=CCI(CCI_Length); //This calculates the CCI value
value3=CCI(TCCI_Length); //This calculates the so-called Turbo CCI Value

value2=LinearRegValue( Close, LSMA_Length, 0 ); //This calculates the LSMA

// if price>LSMA, plot the base line in green, else, it shall be red
if close>value2 then SetPlotColor(10,green) else SetPlotColor(10,red);

// if we have 5 previous CCI (including this one) over 0, then we have 5 positive histogram bars
// this defines an uptrend according to Woodie so trend=1
// if we have 5 preivous values below 0, we have a downtrend and trend=-1
if lowest(value1,5)>0 then trend=1;
if highest(value1,5)<0 then trend=-1;

// if trend is up, histograms over 0 should plot in green,
// if histogram is below 0 but the trend did not change to bearish yet, plot it gray
// (ie: don't change default color), and vice versa
if value1>0 and trend=1 then SetPlotColor(6,Green);
if value1<0 and trend=-1 then SetPlotColor(6,Red);

// if trend value just changed, then we have a new trend establishing. Plot the histogram bar in yellow
if trend[1]<>trend then SetPlotColor(6,Yellow);

// Baseline is Plot10, so that it plots "over" all the other bars
PowerLanguage version 1.0 of Woodie's Indicator, as of may 18, 2009
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