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jankowski marek
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CurrentBid and CurrentAsk

Postby jankowski marek » 21 Jan 2008

If tick bid and tick ask quote is available in database (collected thru QuoteManager), for historical data CurrentBid and CurrentAsk should retrieve this information from database (instead default to closing price of the bar).

Please correct it in the next release.

P.S. This will be significant enhancement over TS (TS doesn’t have information about historical bid/ask quotes).

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 22 Jan 2008

Dear Marek,

Below please see the description of how CurrentBid (or CurrentAsk) works.

if GetAppInfo( aiRealTimeCalc ) = 1 then { real-time tick - not on bar in history }
CurrentAsk = InsideAsk
CurrentAsk = Close ;

Returns a numerical value indicating the current best Ask for the symbol that the study is applied to.



Quote Fields cannot be referenced historically.


InsideAsk will return the current best Ask


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