Time Template in Import ASCII

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Time Template in Import ASCII

Postby 2haerim » 28 Jan 2008

When importing ASCII, date/time can be parsed using templates.

For example, 02:35:49 PM can be parsed using something like hh:mm:ss tt@pm.

However, some ASCII uses PM 02:35:49 for time format. And QM fails to parse such format. I couldn't make it work yet.

Please describe how it can be done.

One more thing is that time format in non-English countries use their own string for "AM/PM". In Korea, we use 오전/오후. They are 4 bytes each. Therefore, the entire time would look like "오후 02:35:49" meaning "02:35:49 PM" in english window.

I hope QM can handle this multinational locale issues.

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