ADE TypeZero Sync Error in MC

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ADE TypeZero Sync Error in MC

Postby randomname » 29 Jan 2008

I am trying to get my ade indicators working in multicharts, they work great in TS ( although they are slow they work), so I would like to see them working in multicharts to speed them up.

I have 4 charts 1750 tick, 450 tick, 233 tick, and 110 tick. I am using TS as a data source.

The typezero sync creates an error on the 1750 tick chart:
"Interval not supported: -13"

The volume is built on tick count.

Then when I turn back on the ! TZS Setup Sync Indicator on the 1750 and run my strategy I get this error
"Can't synchronize different kinds of bars."

So it looks like to me that the 1750 tick chart internally is not registering as a tick chart or the volume is not registering as tick count.

I don't think the fix is on my side, but I am open to any ideas, I would really like to get this working.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 30 Jan 2008

Could you please send us the indicator/indicators and tell us what symbol you applied it to?

You can e-mail the information to

Thank you.

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