features I'd like added

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features I'd like added

Postby MechTrader » 01 Mar 2008

1. Optimization doesn't lock entire program, just the one chart and only if necessary. MC has a great multi-threaded interface that doesn't slow down the user while it is doing long calculations (unlike TS), with this one glaring exception.

2. There should be an option so that the tracking line only moves when the mouse is clicked. This would allow users to more easily study multiple, related charts.

3. Selection of indicators on the charts should only occur when the right mouse button is clicked, not the left. The left mouse button selecting them causes difficulty reading values in dense graphs.

4. Intrabar testing of stop loss and profit target with precision settings, if this doesn't already exist.

5. Comma-formatted numbers in the performance report so one can quickly recognize large numbers' magnitudes.

6. Optimization with custom fitness factors based on a user-input formula.

brodnicki steven
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Postby brodnicki steven » 02 Mar 2008

Along those lines, I'd like the optimizer(strategy) remember the best paramerts after the optimization run, like TS does.

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 04 Mar 2008

Good suggestions we will add them in our to-do list.
The only thing that we will definitely not do is right click selection. It contradicts windows GUI logics and we are sure it is wrong.
We will publish refreshed feature request thread soon.

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