Multicharts and MCFX on Mac OS X Leopard ?

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Fabrice Daniel
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Multicharts and MCFX on Mac OS X Leopard ?

Postby Fabrice Daniel » 16 Mar 2008


Do you plan to build a Mac OS X version of multicharts ? This could be very nice and powerfull.

I had bought many PCs in the past 10 years. Today I have 7 PC under XP and Vista (from core 2 duo laptops to Quad Core desktop). Two weeks ago I had bought a MacBook ... whaou ... how it is fast ... even after install of big musical production softwares and plugins (logic audio, etc ...) the system is starting up from 0 in less than 15 seconds and from the sleep mode the startup is instant.

I had compare the same application between mac and PC (EZDrummer with Drum from Hell, the best "sample based" drum plug-in). On my quad core with Samplitude under vista the plug-in load time is around 50 seconds (load nearly 300 Mb of samples from the disk). On my MacBook with Logic Audio (a laptop !!) it takes no more than 10 seconds !!!

And everything is similar to that performances ratios !!!

Mac OS X is 64 bits native ... and Apple already sell 8 cores computers ( !!!

Now when I open a PC under Vista or XP It seems to me like working on a 20 years Old technolgy compared to Mac OS X Leopard.

And because Apple show the fastest growing rate (very near to 10% market share today) I took my decision : I will never buy a PC ... my next computers will only be Mac computers.

So today I have all I nedd under Leopard except ... Trading Softwares :-D That's why I write this comment from my Vista computer while checking my MCFX charts ... So is it possible for you to develop a native Leopard Version of Multicharts and MCFX ? (I think I can run them under leopard with VMWare but It would be much better to run a native version). It could take benefit from its native 64 bits and Unix Architecture and robustness.

In the mean time there is a solution called CrossOver ( which allow to run windows applications on a mac without installing XP with VMWare (there is many licence problems with VMWare or Parallel desktop solutions). CrossOver is based on WINE library, a generic GUI library. If you make MC WINE compatible (or provide a special CrossOver package) so MC and MCFX may be run under Mac and Linux !!! For the moment, MCFX doesn't run under CrossOver ...

Today only MT run under CrossOver, many MacOS users used MT now. With the so fast Apple Growth, MT team will probably develop a native MacOS version soon ...

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Postby Nick » 17 Mar 2008

I run on a MACbook Pro running Windows natively (using bootcamp). Parallels and VMware fusion should both allow windows (and MC) to run in a virtual machine.


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 19 Mar 2008


At the moment we are not planning to make MC for Macs. We are not familiar with their technology and so far there hasn't been much demand.


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Multicharts works on Apple MAC reliably.

Postby geizer » 26 Sep 2008

I am successfully running Multicharts on Apple MacBook Pro. using the following setup:
Multicharts is running on a guest Windows XP Home SP3 inside the virtual Machine (by VMWARE Fusion v.2 - )
I am not using boot-camp and really have no intention, as this would lock me into using a single OS at a time.
I don't experience any noticeable slowdown or performance deterioration of any kind. Moving mouse focus from MAC OS X to Windows XP - all it takes to switch.
The Virtual network connection is configured in bridged mode. Both Windows and MAC OS X have IP addresses assigned by the hardware router. Both Windows and MAC OS X are seen as two separate machines on the LAN.
Works flawlessly. The reason I am using Vmware Fusion, is that it allows me to dedicate both displays in full screen for Windows to run Multicharts and also quickly switch to MAC OS X to use my favorite Mac programs, or allocate both (built-in and external) displays for each OS individually.
The only one thing I wish my MacBook had, is to be able to connect more than one external monitor (not a problem if you using MAC Pro).

The benefits: Single computer to maintain, no messy wires, one keyboard, one mouse, two displays, two operating systems. Best software of both worlds, Everything is in one place, portable, easy to maintain, great quality hardware, Multicharts runs without hiccups.
Frankly speaking, I have less problems running Windows on the MAC than on a PC.
Attached screenshot showing Multicharts running on the Windows XP inside the virtual machine under MAC OS X in unity mode (I don't normally use the unity mode, as it affects graphics performance, but its easier to take screenshot with more details for those who interested)

Hope my experience can help others.
To all Mac users, please contribute to this topic. Regardless of TS Support not supporting Macs we can still share experience here.
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